DNS and NetworkManager (Arch Linux/Manjaro)

When using DHCP and NetworkManager, the DNS settings are usually obtained from the ISP. It does not help, when you add your DNS settings to /etc/resolv.conf (e.g. via /etc/resolv.conf.head). These will be overwritten with the ISP’s DNS, when NetworkManager reconnects. To disable this behaviour, go to the NetworkManager’s editor (e.g. via nm-applet or nm-connection-editor) and choose DHCP, addresses only in the IPv4 settings. There you still can add your DNS addresses below in the DNS-server.

NetworkManager and resolvconf

If you want NetworkManager to use resolvconf settings, create /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/rc-manager.conf:


… as explained in the arch wiki. Then the DNS settings are applied for all connections and you do not need to keep track of your DNS servers in all your NetworkManager connections. To enable these global DNS settings, create /etc/resolv.conf.head with your DNS addresses. Restart NetworkManager:

systemctl restart NetworkManager

Make sure that your DNS server supports DNSSEC.

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